Who we are?

We are a multidisciplinary team capable of dealing with all kinds of challenges. Each of us has worked previously in non-video game environments but that didn't prevent us from create our own video game company. We know what we are capable of and confident in our abilities to achieve the success of our creations

Rafa Carneros

Level 26 human, level 4 videogames developer and Boomfire Games CEO. He is in charge of creativity and programming of videogames.
He has been working in developing games like Star Wars Journey or Death Race. He likes sports, videogames and beer.

Nacho CastiƱeyra

Indie game developing. Graphic design and pixel artist. Gamer forever since pong. Co-founder in Boomfire Games, sci-fi , pizza and burguers fan. Born in Spain, Earth citizen. Doing conferences and workshops. He loves Game jams!

Fran Romguer

Music composer and SFX designer. Pianist and graduated in Audiovisual Communications. He plays the zambomba too. He has produced the soundtrack of short films, movies, documentaries, stage plays and videogames. He likes romantic comedies but he will never admit it.